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About Syglak Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.

Company Profile :
Incorporated in 2004 as part of Shrenik Pahrma Ltd. since 1980.
The company’s factory is situated on a 1075 Sq. Metre plot at MIDC, Badlapur.
It has a built-up area of about 400 Sq. Metre’s designed as per FDA approved layout.
It has a capacity to handle chemical reactions of all kinds in a temperature range of 4 to 120 deg. Celsius.
Nature of Business :
The company manufacturer’s speciality & fine chemicals for diverse use in the pharma, military, cosmetic and dyes industries, to customers like GIVAUDAN in France, KIMETSAN in Turkey, Organo-Fine Chem in India & Khandelwal Laboratories in India, NORTEC in Brazil.

Its pharma use products like Thimerosal, Mucic Acid, Thiopental Sodium and Pentetrazole are approved by companies like Nirma Life Sciences in India and Chemistry-Inc in USA and Nugen in Vietnam, Thermofischer in Belgium Solicance in France & Teopharm in Italy.

The company has also developed a new range of speciality products like Ionic Liquids and New Age Iconic Bases Electrolytes for EV Batteries, ENDO / EXO DCPD and speciality gums.
Some Of The Uses :
The pharma products like Thimerosal is needed for preserving vaccines.
Thiopental Sodium is the first line of any general anesthetic used in operations theatres in all hospitals.
N-Phenyl Anthranilic Acid is used for making fluorescent dyes.
Mucic Acid is used for making Anti-Aging & Anti-Wrinkle Cosmetics.
The new products like ENDO / EXO DCPD are ingredients for air-force Jet Fuels and its specialty gums are used in preserving military ammunitions.
New Age Ionic Based Liquids for Pharma and New Age EV Battery Electrolytes 

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